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Adopt A Bill

Being a financial submissive of mine is not only a great honor, but it also has privileges such as having the opportunity to adopt one of my bills.

My bills range from rent, internet bill, car insurance bill, cell phone bill, utility bills, lingerie costs, hair salon bill, car maintenance/fuel bill, sex toys, groceries, skin care, flow toys, shoes, clothes & lingerie that I want, and more.

Your Task: Help to support and look after your Goddess. 💥My current Adopt a Bill list can be found on the Menu.

Your Reward: I will work out a custom content plan with you based on which bill you choose to adopt.

💥My Adopt A Bill Pricing can be found on the Menu.💥

If you are a loyal findom slave who wants to serve a true Goddess and give a true purpose to your existence, then this is how you can help me.

You should understand that I am a Gentle FinDom. I do not call you pay pigs or treat you like an ATM. I treat you like a human being, and I expect you to entertain me by communicating and interacting with me in a manner that brings ME enjoyment.

You will prove your worth by being an interesting, smart, cool and fun person for me to interact with. And I will do the same. I am a very well read person who can discuss a very wide range of topics competently. I am a nerdy programmer and I love languages. I have read thousands of books. I know the lyrics to thousands of songs. I have been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, and lived a lot of lives. I am a virtual catalog of information. I can hold fascinating conversations and be the Goddess of your dreams. I am worth every single penny you spend to earn my time and attention.

Paying to adopt one of my bills is not an excuse to be mediocre in your interactions with me, or to make less of an effort to please me in other ways. I still expect you to entertain me with your conversation and personality in addition to worshipping me with your money.

In addition to paying my bills, I expect you to make me smile. I expect you to make me feel genuinely happy and adored. And in return, I will bestow my attention and affection on you as well.

I will get to know you and interact with you in a gentle and loving fashion for showing your loyal service to me.

I am not a harsh Financial Domme. I am a kind and supportive FinDomme who will listen to your desires and do her best to grant your wishes. Great sacrifices come with Great rewards.

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