Lovesense Sex Toy Tech for Every Bedroom
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Buy a Lovense Toy

Are you feeling playful today luv? I hope so. Because today, I want you to buy a new toy to play with and start building your toybox!

Your Task: To buy a sex toy using my Lovense Affiliate Link. I make a small commission on any sales made through this link, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Your Reward: You will have a high quality sex toy, made out of medical grade silicone and non toxic materials, which will last you a few years if you care for it correctly and keep it clean in between uses.

Lovesense Sex Toy Tech for Every Bedroom

Step 1: Use my Lovense Affiliate Link to purchase a sex toy. I suggest that you buy the Hush blutooth remote control butt plug so that I can control it through a phone app. But go ahead and look around and figure out what sex toy is the right one for you. Pick the one that you want the most.

Step 2: Since you might need a lot of time to look and consider, before you make your purchase, come back here and click on My Affiliate Link again to ensure that your Goddess will get credit for the sale.

Step 3: After your purchase is completed, leave a comment below stating “Goddess, my Lovense toy is on the way! The toy that I ordered is named ________”

Step 4: Use My Wish List link to put any amount of money towards my Lovesense Wish List! This page has all of the toys that I currently want from Lovense. Please contribute something towards my desires. Any amount helps!

Step 5: Patiently await my reply to your message. Response times for the VIP account are usually within 24-48 hours.

Step 6: In the meantime, you may continue on to another task of your choice.

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