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Do you have a question for the Full Melt Mistress?

Curious submissives and slaves may contact me via my OnlyFans account to meet me initially.

I am a busy Goddess and your message will be answered at my leisure if I feel it deserves a response.

Do not be impatient. I understand that you are horny Right Now and feel that is the most important thing in the entire world at this moment. However I assure you that it is not. I do not idly sit around waiting for random strangers to message me about their cocks. I have a full and busy life both at work and at home. I read my messages and respond when it is convenient for ME, not for you.

If you are pushy, annoying, rude, cheap or conduct yourself in a manner that bothers me, your message will be deleted without a second thought!

full melt mistress at g mail dot com