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150 Word Essay

Your Task: A creative writing exercise to show your devotion for me.

Your Reward: The pleasure and excitement of thinking about your Goddess and focusing on all of the things that she means to you.

1: Write a 150 word essay. The topic is “What my Goddess means to me”.
2: Tell me how you feel about me and why in this essay.
3: Submit it to me via email. fullmeltmistress at gmail dot com
4: Send a message to my VIP OnlyFans account that states “Check your email for my Essay about what you mean to me, Goddess”.
5: I will put it on my Testimonials page.
6: Patiently await my reply to your message. Response times for the VIP account are usually within 24-48 hours.

In the meantime, you may continue on to another task of your choice.

Did you enjoy this task? Do you feel that your Goddess should be rewarded for her efforts to entertain, educate and engage you? If you can afford to, please show that you value my time, effort, and attention by tipping your favorite post on my VIP OnlyFans account.

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