Custom Tasks

“What kinds of custom tasks do you give out to your submissives?” I get asked this question often by free subs who have never so much as said hello to me before, and it’s always strange to me.

Random people off the street whom are not already my loyal regular subs do not get assigned customized personal tasks without first speaking to me. How would I create a custom task for a complete stranger whom I have zero information about?

What one person sees as an interesting or exciting task, another person might see as boring, offensive or traumatic. There is no such thing as a “universal custom task” that you can just give every single random complete stranger, and have it be the right thing every time. And that’s also not how ANY of this works.

ONLY by worshipping me, paying tribute, honest discussion of boundaries and limits, and showing your devotion frequently, can you earn more specific tasks tailored to your specific needs and desires.

In order to get a real, personally meaningful custom task from me, you will have to take the time to interact with me and get to know me like a proper devoted submissive. After we have established the parameters of our agreement, boundaries and safewords, then and only then would I assign you tasks which are specifically tailored to you and whatever your unique needs are.

Time is money.

Pre-Requisite Tasks: Free OnlyFans Task + Join FetLife Task + Explore FetLife Task

Your Task: Go to my Free OnlyFans account, and send me a $50 tip on your favorite post. Then, leave a comment on that post asking me for a Custom Task.

Your Reward: I will create a custom task for you based on what I know about you and your particular kinks, fetishes and desires. I will send it to you in an audio file.

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