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It is difficult for me to keep hundreds of followers straight from month to month, especially when a lot of time passes in between conversations. So let’s make it easy on both of us, and take getting to know each other to the next level.

Your Task: I want to know all about your kinks and fetishes. You will follow my instructions to a T and make it easy for me to find out what I need to know to make this fun for you.

Your Reward: Completing this task will allow you to get to know me on a deeper level and learn more about my kinks as well as tell me all about yours in greater detail.

I want you to create a new anonymous Gmail account just for communicating with me if you haven’t already. You will also use this Gmail account again in other tasks, so make sure it’s a good one! In this task you will use that email address to create a new FetLife account.

I want you to fill out every section as completely and honestly as possible. You don’t have to put up any pictures or videos if you’re not comfortable with that. Do not do anything you don’t feel comfortable with! But I do want you to fill out as much of the information as you feel comfortable with.

1: Create a new anonymous Gmail account just for communicating with me
2: Use it to create a new account at FetLife.
3: Fill out the General Info section. For location, select Antarctica.
4: Fill out the About Me section.
5: Under the Fetishes section, indicate which fetishes you are into or curious about. Be thorough.
6: Under the Websites section, pay tribute by promoting your Goddess. https://fullmeltmistress.com/
7: Under the Privacy section, scroll to the bottom and select “Strict” for your message preferences so you don’t get spammed.
8: Go to Groups and join at least one group that interests you.
9: Send Me a friend request on FetLife.
10: I will look at your profile to see if you have followed my directions.
11: Patiently wait for me to accept your friend request. Response times are usually within 3-5 days.
12: In the meantime, you may continue on to another task of your choice.
13: Once I have accepted your friend request, go to my FetLife wall and leave a public message stating “Goddess, It is an honor to serve you”.
14: Edit your Account Settings and go to Relationships
15: Click “Add D/s Relationship”
16: Choose “Owned” (or if you see another similar word you prefer to choose, you may do so)
17: Choose Me.

You may continue on to another task of your choice.

Did you enjoy this task? Do you feel that your Goddess should be rewarded for her efforts to entertain, educate and engage you? If you can afford to, please show that you value my time, effort, and attention by tipping your favorite post on my VIP OnlyFans account.

If you would like to show your appreciation for your Goddess for free, then please go to one of my Subscription sites or Social Networks and Like my posts, comment on my posts, and share my posts. Thank You for your support!

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