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Join Pornhub

This task is free and costs nothing but your time and effort. You can do this task as often as you wish to.

I want you to create a new anonymous Gmail account just for communicating with me if you haven’t already. You will also use this Gmail account again in other tasks, so make sure it’s a good one! In this task you will use that email address to create a new Pornhub account.

Your Task: You will use the anonymous gmail account to create a new account at pornhub to support your Goddess in her marketing efforts.

Your Reward: You will get to bask in the sight of your Goddess and revel in her glory while you make her extremely happy. Could there be any better reward for a loyal task slave?

Step 1: Sign up for an account at Pornhub and confirm your email address.

Step 2: Subscribe to me, and send me a friend request

Step 3: Go to my Playlists and click the Full Melt Mistress playlist. You will be watching each video in the Full Melt Mistress playlist.

Step 4: Click the Thumbs Up to “Like” the Full Melt Mistress playlist.

Step 5: Click the Heart icon to “Favorite” the Full Melt Mistress playlist.

Step 6: “Like” each video that I have posted by giving it a thumbs up.

You may continue on to another task of your choice.

Did you enjoy this task? Do you feel that your Goddess should be rewarded for her efforts to entertain, educate and engage you? If you can afford to, please show that you value my time, effort, and attention by unlocking one of the paid posts on my FREE/PPV OnlyFans account “Liking” that post, and leaving a comment on it.

If you would like to show your appreciation for your Goddess for free, then please go to one of my Subscription sites or Social Networks and Like my posts, comment on my posts, and share my posts. Thank You for your support!

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