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Limits & Boundaries 101

This free educational task for new BDSM submissives is all about Limits, Safewords and Boundaries.

Education is important in BDSM. I have spent countless hours reading, listening, watching, engaging in, discussing, and otherwise studying kink and BDSM. I do not enter into scenes lightly or without thought. And you should not either.

Consent is mandatory at all times, in all situations. Safewords are only one part of that process. Part of being a good submissive or a good Dominant is each party setting limits and boundaries, and then having those boundaries and limits respected by all parties.

I often find myself watching videos by Evie Lupine. She is a kink educator online whose videos have really enriched my knowledge in many ways through the years. So for this task, I want you to watch this video by her, so that we can discuss it afterwards.

Your Task: Learn about Boundaries, Limits and Safewords. In this video Evie goes over what these terms mean, how to establish boundaries and safewords, what limits are, how to ask for them, negotiation and how to use them in a dynamic.

Your Reward: We will have a frank discussion about this after you have completed your task.

After you have watched this video, I want you to send me a message to the VIP account. Compose me a message that discusses the following talking points:

  1. Spend some time thinking about what you want the outcome of a play session to be and tell me what your thoughts are on this topic.
  2. Tell me about a kink or fantasy that you want to role play with me in the future.
  3. Spend some time thinking about your Soft Limits. Tell me what one of your soft limits is.
  4. Spend some time thinking about Hard Limits. Tell me what one of your hard limits is.
  5. Tell me what your Safeword is. Would you like to use the Green/Yellow/Red system for your play sessions? Or do you have a different word that you prefer?

You may continue on to another task of your choice.

Did you enjoy this task? Do you feel that your Goddess should be rewarded for her efforts to entertain, educate and engage you? If you can afford to, please show that you value my time, effort, and attention by tipping me on my VIP OnlyFans account.

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