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1. EITHER have money to spend, OR be willing to make serious efforts to serve me and promote me online to earn your keep. If you do both, it’s even better. No cheap, broke moochers looking to get their little cocks off without giving me something in return first. No wannabe submissives who beg, plead and demand that I interact with them for free. I am a busy Dominatrix. You will pay for my attention and time, or you will play the task game, where you will be given the option to do a free but useful service of MY CHOICE in exchange for my attention and time, or you’ll simply be ignored if you won’t do either of those things for me.

2. I am what is considered a Soft Domme. If you are rude, defiant, arrogant, selfish, or otherwise inferior and therefore unacceptable as a slave, I will be absolutely brutal in my dismissal of you. However if you are a GOOD, loving, obedient, and attentive slave, then you will be highly rewarded with positive attention, praise, support and genuine connection and friendship.

3. Address me always as “Mistress”, “Goddess”, “Mistress”, “Master”, “Sir”, “Your Highness”, “Your Majesty”, “Ma’am” and other properly respectful terms. These are Proper Nouns. Capitalize them.  Being a dominant female entirely superior to you, you must speak to me with the respect I deserve at all times. I am your Queen, the secret Dominatrix of your dreams, so I am not just some woman to you… You are my toy, and my plaything, so you must call me by one of my proper names.

4. You will ask for permission to touch yourself. I love chastity play, cock cages, keyholding, and edging. I am your Queen and you will show me respect by asking if you are allowed to touch yourself. I may require you to wear a chastity device to ensure your compliance.

5. You will be respectful at all times. Do not be impatient and send a dozen messages demanding an answer when I am not online. Do not beg the Goddess for free nudes. Do not demand a single thing from your Goddess. Ask, instead, what you can do for Me.

6. You will ask to be dismissed. You must respect your Dominatrix. Do not just disappear. Say goodbye like a normal person, not some loser with zero social graces. It’s just plain rude. I expect my slaves to be polite.

7. Always be respectful. Again, I must stress this for my slaves. If you piss me off or annoy me in any way, you will be blocked and banned immediately. I refuse to waste my time on anyone broke, cheap, annoying, overly disgusting, defiant, rude or disrespectful. Don’t think I’ll hesitate for a second when it comes to blocking you.

8. Make ME happy at all times: This includes keeping a close eye on my content sites, blog posts, wishlists, subscribing to my blog, and in general always thinking of what you can do to make your Goddess happy. Remember, you’re here to please ME. Not the other way around. You want my attention? You want to talk about your deep dark secrets and tell me what makes your little wanker get hard? You want to be devoted to and worship a busy and powerful dominant Goddess, like myself? Then you must pay! My time is not free for you, nor will it ever be.

Those who obey will be rewarded by me in whatever way I please (exclusive pictures, videos, attention, interaction, roleplay, etc.)

9. I am your only Domme: You will have no other Mistresses, Princesses, Goddesses, Dommes etc. before me. After me is fine.

10. Be financially stable enough to satisfy me. You will sacrifice what you can afford for my pleasure, and accept such sacrifice as your penance. You will not appear before me empty-handed. You should love me with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your money.