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I want you to constantly keep learning and growing and progressing. This is a check-in along that journey. You may do this task as often as you feel you need to.

Before any kind of BDSM scene, there should always be a discussion as to what will take place to ensure that both parties understand and are happy with everything. Even though this relationship is Virtual and Online Only, this is still a helpful step in the process of discovering what you need and desire.

With each educational task you complete, you are becoming a better kinkster. This is one step in the slow and steady marathon to becoming the best partner that you can be.

Your Task: Pay tribute to your Goddess for the time and effort she spends on you.

Your Reward: The privilege of consulting with me regarding your kinks and desires.

For this task you will:

1: Become familiar with how to find and use the Menu. The latest version will always be posted here on my website.
2: Read the tip menu to learn about my services. These may change at any time, so always check to make sure you have the latest version!
3: Choose the length of your Pro Domme Consultation from the menu.
4: Log into your OnlyFans account, and tip me the appropriate amount.
5: Message me and say “I am ready to schedule my Consultation, Mistress.”
6. Patiently await my reply to your message. Response times for the VIP account are usually within 24-48 hours.
7: In the meantime, you may continue on to another task of your choice.

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