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Spoil Me

Your Task: Spoil your Goddess. 💥My current Wish List can be found on the Menu.

Your Reward: If you buy any of the items on my Wish List for me, I will make custom content for you using the toys, props, lingerie or makeup that I buy with your tips.

Like any modern girl, I have bills to pay. But as a sexy Goddess, I also deserve some luxuries. I know you agree. So here is an opportunity for you money slaves, and all the FinDom guys who like to show their generosity to a sexy lady who deserves to be pampered.

Spoil Me and I will reward you with new photos, audio, videos, and give you my personal attention via emails or snapchat. For example, if you pay for the sex toys that I desire, I will reward you with photos or videos of me using them, and show you how I use your money.

I send all my loyal bill payers and spoilers new pictures from my everyday life. Make me your priority: pay my bills and finance special treats to make me happy. You know that I am a hard working Goddess and that I deserve it. What better way could there be for you to spend your money than on pleasing me, your sweet, loving and kind Mistress? 😉

If you would like to show your appreciation for your Goddess for free, then please go to one of my Subscription sites or Social Networks and Like my posts, comment on my posts, and share my posts. Thank You for your support!

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